Monday, March 5, 2012

Securing Mac's Single User Mode

Despite Mac's glory for user interactivity, its single user mode gives virtually anyone root access.

To secure this, for Mac 10.5 and above, do the following:

1)Add the password for the root user at single user mode by typing the following using any admin user
sudo passwd -i file root

2)Open the profile file of the root using:
sudo pico /var/root/.profile
and add the following:
if ["$TERM"="vt100"];
/usr/bin/lock -p -t 86343727

3) Also remember to download the lock binary either from
tech.tedthepenguin/ or
get it from 10.4 or
email me and I will send it to u
and add it to the /usr/bin folder since it is unavailable since 10.5

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